Monday, February 12, 2007


The last week hasnt brought about too much. I did have some eventful times during the weekend. Saturday, Flat Stanley was returned home to Maitland and so my mom can take it back to the classroom.

I went and saw Billy Joel in concert at the Amway Arena (formerly TD Waterhouse Center) and had a really great time. He played for 2 hours and had 3 encores.

Sunday morning, I went with Tayler, Jaime, Mason, Lander, Mom and Dad to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. Pictures soon to follow. It was great to see everyone and see how much Mason has grown up. He almost has more hair then me. :)

The most interesting part of the weekend was Sunday night. I went to the Tampa JCC/Federation President's Dinner to hear Colin Powell speak. What made it interesting and exciting was when I got to the dinner I was told I was going to be able to meet Colin Powell. I went and got a picture with him and then waiting at my table was a signed book from Colin Powell as well. This was unexpected but a nice surprise. He had some good stories and especially growing up in the South Bronx and being the Shabbas Goy for a family as a kid.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

1 Down, 9 To Go!!!!

Last night I finished the first class in my MBA program. I have 9 more left and then I will be complete. This has been a lot tougher than I imagined. I have written three (3000 word) papers over the course of a 6 week period. That was just the intro to MBA class. My next class is on Transformational Leadership. Sounds like something up my alley and ready for a new class.
February 2008 can not come soon enough - that is when graduation time. I can see myself getting to the end even though I just started.