Saturday, February 16, 2008

An update without pictures

I know when I update my blog, I usually update with pictures. Well today I decided to update so certain people who check my blog everyday, would be able to see something on it. I really enjoy updating this and had all intentions to do so but never got around to it. The pictures will come eventually. Here is a little update of what has gone on since my last post:

Amy and I made the mistake of trying to go to Sea World on December 30. We managed to get to the park early enough that we would be able to ride the roller coaster and see some animals but we had all intentions of meeting my mom for lunch. It turned out that her normal 25 min drive from her house to the park took her almost 2 hours. We left the park early and met my mom for lunch and she had a bag lunch packed for Amy and I. It was a nice touch and typically Penny style.

I thought the New Year would start off pretty well after a fun filled New Year's Eve Party at my friend Monica and Eddie's house. We were with alot of our closest friends and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed playing Monopoly with debit cards. Kinda cool but how can kids learn how to cound money without the cash. But.......

The next day was a dark day for the Gators. On New Years Day the Gators lost the Capital One Bowl to the Michigan Wolverines. I lost a wager to my close friend Marc, who went to Michigan for law school and he has bragging rights until the next time these teams play each other.

The first weekend in January, Amy and I took another trip to one of our favorite places, Magic Kingdom to meet her cousin and her husband who were in Orlando from Israel via San Diego. We had a blast exploring the Magical place and the weather was perfect.

The one nice perk of working for Washington Mutual, is that the annual Manager meeting for the entire company is in Seattle. I made the trip out there in the middle of January. I think the high for the 4 days was 35 so it was a lot colder than what I was used to. I had never been to Seattle and a few other managers flew in a couple days early to explore the city. We took a trip up the Space Needle, explored the Pikes Fish Market and walked around the city. That was a fun time.

Amy and I will celebrate 10 months together on February 21. This was the first time in a few years that I had a valentine to celebrate that day with. We decided to make dinner together and get each other a nice gift. We made salmon marinated in teryaki sauce and grilled veggies. Another fantastic meal grilled. The best part of the night was to see the gifts. I gave Amy her gift, which was a relaxation massage. She loved that and certainly deserves to be pampered. Amy's gift to me was nothing I could have ever expected. She spent the last few weeks gathering pictures and creating an amazing scrapbook. The book had a certain Magical theme. It had all the pictures in it from our first date, April 21 at the Magic Kingdom to our last trip there with her cousins. That book had pages left to continue to experience more magical times together. Amy is the sweetest and kindest and most caring person I have ever met. She makes me so happy and I look forward to getting home from work each day where I can call her or see her. She meas everything to me. I love Amy so much.

I hope you enjoyed my blog update. When I get the chance, I will add some pictures.